ibz projects

Sprecht miteinander! -Let’s talk

Offers a chance for learning from each other, free of charge.
Anyone who wants to practice his/her oral expression in German is invited to participate.
People of similar language skills form a group which is moderated
by a volunteer. No registration required.

Office hours: Thursdays 6:30-08:00 p.m.
Place: ibz, top floor
Coordination: Carmen Beckenbach

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PatinnenProjektGodmother Project

This project pairs a native woman and an immigrant woman with the aim of learning from one another.
There are also regular group meetings where other cultures are explored.
Interested women can contact the

Place: ibz, ground floor
Office hours:  Thursdays 4 – 6 p. m.
Coordinator: Anke Windsor at patinnenprojekt@ibz-karlsruhe.de

Mann trifft sich – Men get together

For native and immigrant men who want to learn more about different countries and cultures, who want to
connect to others and practice the German language.

Time: First Wednesday of the month, 7-9 p.m.
Place: ibz, ground floor, Café Globus
Coordinators:  Michael Adelhardt

Internationales Frauencafé – International Women’s Café

This is an open gathering for women from around the world.
Time: Thursdays, 3:30 – 6:00 p.m.
Place: ibz, ground floor, Café Globus
Coordination: Srima Rau

Willkommenscafé – Welcome Café

Learn about the range of possibilities here in Karlsruhe. Counselors are available to help you find your way. Conversation and networking in a relaxed setting.

Time: Wednesdays 4–6 p.m. at ibz
Place: ibz, ground floor, Café Globus
Coordinator: Nicole Blaffert
Contact: willkommen@ibz-karlsruhe.de

Tanzgruppe “Lasya Priya” – Dance Group “Lasya Priya”

These classes are for kids who like dance and movement.

Time: Classical Indian Dance: Wednesdays, 4-5:30 p.m., Fridays 4:00 – 7:00  p.m.
Bollywood Dance: Fridays 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Place: ibz, top floor
Coordinator: Meera Mani

Transkulturelle Theatergruppe “Cumpania”- Trans cultural Theatre Group “Cumpania”

For boys and girls between the age of 11 and 14, who like to perform theatre and find new friends.

Time: Wednesdays, 5-7 p.m.
ibz, ground floor, hall
Ruşen Kartaloğlu

Perspective Now! plus

The project is for young immigrants, especially unaccompanied minors. It offers one-on-one
tutors, contact to peers and career orientation as well as help and guidance for volunteers.

Open office hours: Wednesdays 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Place: ibz, ground floor
Coordinator: Melanie Schneider
Contact: perspektive-now@ibzkarlsruhe.de or phone:  0159 030 260 90

Contact and Coordinator for company and education
Dr. Iris Sardarabady
number: 0721 89 33 37 11

Third Party Projects

Sonntagscafé – Sunday Café
An informative talk followed by a light meal.

Time: third Sunday of the month, 11 a.m.
Place: ibz, ground floor
Coordination: Sunday Café committee
Cost: 3€ for meal

Lateinamerikanischer Treff – Latin-American club

For everyone who loves Latin-American culture.
Time: First Thursday of the month, 8 p.m.
Place: ibz, ground floor
Coordination: La Peña Latina

Finde deinen Rhytmus – Find your Rhythm –Drumming

Come and join in the rhythm! If you are inspired, feel free to bring your own drum, bongos…..

Time: third Friday of the month, 5-6:30 p.m.
Place: ibz, ground floor, Café Globus
Coordination: International Islamic Women’s group Karlsruhe, IIFGKA

Sprache und Identität – Language and Identity

For adults and youth: Everyone who loves to perform or who wants to become part of a theatre group.

Time: Wednesdays, 6:00 –  9:00 p.m.
Place: ibz, top floor
Coordinator: Isis Chi Gambatté
Registration: gambatte@gambatte.name or 0721 – 933 83 93

Beratungen durch „Freunde für Fremde“ – Counseling by „Friends for Strangers“

Counseling for asylum seekers and refugees, advice for all questions concerning immigration.

Time: Tuesdays 3-5:30 p.m
Thursdays  p.m.10:00 – 13:00 a.m.
Place: ibz, first floor

Coordination: “Friends for Strangers”

Deutschunterricht durch Freunde für Fremde – German Classes by „Friends for Strangers“
Registration: Mondays and Thursdays, 10:00 a.m.,
Telefon: 0721 / 84 53 41 und 8 31 55 60

Kuiri Kune – zusammen Kochen- Cooking together

In a small group we cook and enjoy delicious dishes from around the world.
Somajeh-Cathrin Noheh-Khan
once each month, 6-8.30 p.m.
ibz, ground floor
Information and registration: info@kuirikune.de oder www.kuirikune.de


If you would like to rent a room, want to be on our email list, have a question or wish to contact us:

Phone:     0721 / 89 33 37 10
Fax:          0721 / 89 33 37 19

email:       info@ibz-karlsruhe.de


Head of the center: Dr. Iris Sardarabady and Dr. Eva Geerken, 0721 / 89 33 37 11

Deputy and property manager: Ralf Kappler, 0721 / 89 33 37 12

Secretary: Sabine Boudreaux, 0721 / 89 33 37 10
Janitor: Alexander Frickel, 0721 / 89 33 37 14 (Tuesday-Saturday 4-9p.m.)

Associations at ibz

1st floor

IBZ Karlsruhe e.V. (office)
Spanischer Elternverein Karlsruhe e.V. – Spanish Parents association Karlsruhe
Freunde für Fremde e.V. – Friends for Strangers

2nd floor

Serbisches Kulturzentrum e.V. – Serbian Culture Center
Türkischer Elternverein Karlsruhe e.V. -Turkish Parents Association
Türkischer Frauenverein Karlsruhe e.V. – Turkish Women’s Association
Koreanischer Verein Karlsruhe e.V. – Korean Association Karlsruhe

3rd floor

Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Russland e.V. – Territorial association of Germans from Russia

Iranisches Kulturzentrum e.V. – Iranian Culture Center
Deutsch-Kroatische Gemeinschaft Karlsruhe e.V. – German-Croatian Society
Tunesischer Club Karthago e.V. – Tunisian Club Carthago
Deutsch-Spanische Gesellschaft Karlsruhe e.V. – German-Spanish Society Karlsruhe
Kroatischer Kulturverein Matica hrvatska e.V. Karlsruhe – Croatian Culture Association


Internationales Begegnungszentrum Karlsruhe e.V.
Kaiserallee 12d
76133 Karlsruhe

Tram stop: Yorckstraße
You don’t know where we are? Please have a look at the map: http://ibz-karlsruhe.de/anfahrt/